The most common questions asked and answered about hair extensions:

Why do most people get hair extensions?

  • To change their current look
  • To get the look they have always wanted but couldn’t due to difficulty in managing natural texture or appearance
  • Thinning hair
  • Short hair, causing lack of sex appeal or confidence
  • Bad hair cut, wanting to temporarily fix hair length as natural hair grows back!
  • Boost in confidence with hair length, to look and feel better!
  • Look & Feel Younger!

Am I good candidate for Hair Extensions?

Your hair should be at least 3″ to 4″ long for any fusion application, and it should be healthy enough to hold the extensions. If you’re not sure ask your hair extension specialist.  It should be at least 5” in length to put in a weave.

Will you be able to tell I have Hair Extensions?

The most common worries people have are if people will be able to tell if you are wearing Hair Extensions. Provided you choose a style and color that matches your own hair, the extensions will look very natural and no one will know except you.

If applied correctly you should be able to wear them up, in a formal updo or a simple ponytail.

Here is a great example of a well-applied set of hair extensions in a ponytail.

Can I style the Hair Extensions the same way I do my natural hair?

Wash and style your extensions just as you do your own hair just be sure to use a sulfate free regimen if you have a fusion application in your hair. It is also almost second nature to plug a hairdryer, straightening iron or curling iron and use them as part of our daily routine. If your extensions are made from real hair then straighten and curl away! If you are using synthetic hair you shouldn’t be using straightening irons or curling irons as it can damage the extensions and melt them.

Will Hair Extensions damage my own hair?

Yes, if hair extensions are placed incorrectly and you do not take care of them. Be aware there are people out there claiming they know how to apply Hair Extensions, but keeping in mind they are not qualified and still may not put them in with the hair flow, which will cause great damage and discomfort.


  • The extensions weren’t applied correctly (eg, the bond to hair ratio was wrong, the placement wasn’t correct, the bonds weren’t rolled tightly, too much heat was used during fusion, etc)
  • The extension hair was poor quality,
  • The Hair Extensions are not cuticle correct (could cause matting and tangling)
  • The client ignores their aftercare routine
  • The extensions are left on the head for more than 6 months (as your natural hair grows out it sheds and can become tangled/matted between the extension bond and the scalp, etc.)
  • Removal was sloppy and hurried.

No, if an expert applies them they should not affect the structure or health of your natural hair at all. You must get them put in and taken out at a salon professional in order to make sure of this. If your extensions and the bond are maintained in the recommended way, they will not damage your own hair.

Fusion Extensions are considered to be the safest of all extension types because they are bonded using keratin glue. Keratin is what your hair and fingernails are made out of. Professionally installed, Fusion extensions will not damage your hair. Damage can occur from inexperience and lack of knowledge for both the extension artist and the client.

How long will my hair extensions last?

The lifetime of extensions is anywhere between 2-6 months depending on the person’s hair growth, and how you take care of them. And you do your regular maintenance checks.

Another factor to keep in mind is the quality of hair (extensions) you use, the quality of hair can play a big part in the look and the lifetime.  It all depends on the hair, some hair wears out after the first few washings; some hair is good quality and can last up to a year. There are several different ways to do extensions, and each of them last a different amount of time.

TIP: If you are new to long hair do your research on how to maintain longer hair, gather tips and tricks from the trade.  (Watch my blog as I post tips for any hair type)

How do I get the longest life out of my Hair Extensions?

You have to care for them in the correct manner, your extensions will feel and look just like your own hair, meaning you can treat them like your own hair in the instance of washing, drying and styling them. If you are a first time user of hair extensions you might want to talk to your stylist how to maintain them and how to maintain long hair.

How often should I get my Hair Extensions Maintained?

You should schedule your maintenance appointment around the 6-week period.

What happens when your extensions are removed, what is the process?

Weaves: Are cut out at the stitch from where they were applied over the braid/cornrow.

Micro Links: A special tool is used to bend the link so the metal bead re-opens, allowing the link to slide off.

Micro Bonds (fusion):  There are two ways in which your hair extensions are removed one for fake hair and one for natural hair. For fake hair the seal that is protecting where the extensions are braided to your own hair is gently heated to soften it, meaning that the extension easily slips away from your natural hair. If real hair was used with a bonding resin then a releaser solution is applied. This releaser solution allows each individual extension to be removed safety and efficiently. It is best to leave the removal to a professional to decrease chances of damage to the natural hair.

How long is the grace period before I can put the Hair Extensions back in after I have removed them?

As long as your extensions are applied and removed correctly, meaning no damage has occurred then you can have your new extensions put in the same day your old ones come out.  As a stylist I recommend to wait a day or two to give your scalp a break.

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