How are Weaves Removed?

Weaves: Are cut out at the stitch from where they were applied over the braid/cornrow.

Micro Links: A special tool is used to bend the link so the metal bead re-opens, allowing the link to slide off.

Micro Bonds (fusion):  There are two ways in which your hair extensions are removed one for fake hair and one for natural hair. For fake hair the seal that is protecting where the extensions are braided to your own hair is gently heated to soften it, meaning that the extension easily slips away from your natural hair. If real hair was used with a bonding resin then a releaser solution is applied. This releaser solution allows each individual extension to be removed safety and efficiently. It is best to leave the removal to a professional to decrease chances of damage to the natural hair.

3 thoughts on “How are Weaves Removed?

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