Wavy Hair Tips for Fine to Medium Hair

  • While in shower condition hair and brush hair while in shower with comb or brush of choice.
  • Rinse out conditioner.
  • Once out towel BLOT, not rub hair; use towel to scrunch out major portions of water.  (Rubbing hair with towel to try will only cause frizz and the hair to break from the pack to form the perfect curl formation and condition you are looking to sport).
  • Do not comb hair after out of shower; you already did when you brushed or combed out any of the lose hairs while in the shower with the conditioner.  The WHOLE purpose of brushing is to only remove natural hair shed to prevent tangles.
  • Then apply styling product.  I like to use the MATRIX Design Pulse – Loosely Defined on days I like to have a soft wave…you can get definition in your curl ( I like that I can get the same results whether its air dried or blow dried).  I am not sure if it is just me (as I have fine to medium curly hair myself) it is hard to find a product that gives you a consistent result.  I either find one that makes it wet looking or frizzy looking, and that is all depending on if you use a blow dryer with a diffuser or let it air dry.  I can use the loosely defined when wet to air dry or with my diffuser and I KNOW I will get the same result I expected.  On days I want a fuller look to my curl I will marry the MATRIX Loosely Defined with my Go Big Design Pulse Mouse.  I find I get great SOFT and voluptuous curl/wave.  PLUS- I like the smells they make on their own and/pr together.  YUM!

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