Here are A few Summer Tips for in The Sun


  • Deep-conditioning is essential for hair at least once a week in summer. Hair tends to become dry, dull or brittle if it is exposed to frequent cycles of soaking and drying, such as if you sweat a lot or go swimming.
  • Make sure to rinse your hair before you hop into the pool, it will prevent chemicals like chlorine and salt from getting soaked up and trapped under the cuticle and drying out your hair.
  • If you like to spend most of summer in a pool, it may be wise to spritz on some leave-in conditioner to help avoid damage from chlorine and salt.
  • Summer is the right time for that messy bun hairstyle. Just make sure that you apply a little shine serum to towel-dried hair before you put up your hair so that natural texture can be enhanced. This style is so comfy and will also have you feeling relaxed.
  • If the ponytail is getting boring, try a French braid. It will look chic and will also prevent you looking bedraggled.

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