Hi, welcome to my blog, hair and much, much more.

I am formerly a Forman Level Hair Stylist and Educator who has almost completed my Trichology Designation less the clinical. I recently retired from behind the chair, to take some time for family and travel. Currently, we live on the road full-time chasing hail and selling jewelry. I had a side hustle making jewelry and crystal kits that actually has turned into a full-time gig. I AM SO IN LOVE with my new path, and will not be returning to the salon chair.  I, however, will maintain and keep this hair blog as I know I have much useful hair knowledge that stills needs to be shared.

If you have any hair related questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will write a blog post about it. If you want to follow our adventures please look up #PDRAdventures on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting, I look forward to connecting with you.



Contact Information:

1 (587) 434-1278

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