Hair Basics Workshop

If there was an online workshop about hair and scalp health basics that included topics such as daily hair car, salon terminology, formal hair loss and dandruff education and more would take it?  Myself along with a few people are looking for what people want to see and learn when it comes to the daily … Continue reading Hair Basics Workshop

Hair Extensions

Are you shopping around for extensions? Here's a great interview about the ins and outs of extensions.

Kerri Talks Hair Extensions


Moisture Balance One of the hardest things to conquer with hair is proper moisture.  Just when you get your hair all moisturized to combat the dry season, it gets wet and humid, and then the sun comes out and wreaks havoc on your hair.   As the weather starts to warm up and the humidity … Continue reading SPRING CLEANUP AND HOLIDAY PLANNING

Be Aware – Get Educated!

Tabitha Speaks Out -click to watch video Please share! We are very passionate about our field, and those of you who know us we have been fighting about this in Canada as well with their LACK of responsibility in this industry.  To read more about Qulaifications in Canada and how they work please visit the following … Continue reading Be Aware – Get Educated!

Why is Sulfate Bad for Hair Extensions?

Sulfate-free products might not create as much lather in the shower, but that frothy bubble that comes from sulfates in your shampoos, can cause problems. The problem is that they clean a little too well. The scalp produces natural oils that nourish hair, and sulfates wipe out those natural oils. If your hair is too … Continue reading Why is Sulfate Bad for Hair Extensions?

Make Your Synthetic Hair Extensions Blend into Your Real Hair

If you have straight hair and want to wear a synthetic extension, add shine serum  to the ends of your hair before applying the faux strands. This sheen the serum will give will help your real hair match that of the hair extensions, since they tend to have a silky-plastic look to them. If you … Continue reading Make Your Synthetic Hair Extensions Blend into Your Real Hair

Banish extension Goop

Banish extension Goop - Love the instant length the extensions give your hair, but not the messy goop they can leave behind?  Use Olive Oil to remove excess bonding glue.  Smooth a few drops of oil over the tracks of the extensions, let soak in for 15-20 minutes, and rinse out.  Goop will slide out … Continue reading Banish extension Goop

How to Know if You Have Dandruff or Simply a Dry Scalp:

 Dandruff, everyone gets dandruff at some point; Dandruff can be described as a condition where there is occurrence of flaking of the scalp.  Dandruff is shedding of dead skin form the scalp, and is not to be confused with simply a dry scalp.  Dandruff comes in two types - dry and waxy; many people are … Continue reading How to Know if You Have Dandruff or Simply a Dry Scalp:

Corrective Using Hair Extensions.