Negative Ions and Hair

How Do Negative Ions Have Anything To Do With Your Hair? Everyone’s hair carries a positive electrical charge that is caused by dryness.  Over time, this positive charge increases, and as your hair becomes drier, more hair cuticles open, creating ‘ragged’ unhealthy looking and feeling hair that is difficult to style.  Flatirons and hair dryers … Continue reading Negative Ions and Hair

What Materials Can Flat Irons Be Made Up Of?

There are not as many noticeable differences between ceramic and tourmaline as there are between ceramic and metal plated. So, what materials can flat irons be made up of? The ceramic and tourmaline plates perform almost equally, but tourmaline does it slightly better.  Both use Negative Ions to straighten your hair safely and with results that … Continue reading What Materials Can Flat Irons Be Made Up Of?

Dandruff Test

Dandruff Test: turn your head upside down and brush or vigorously. Rub your scalp back and forth with fingers over a dark surface over a dark surface. Scalp test what do you see? Tiny, dry powdery bits Tiny, dry, powdery bits, you have a dry scalp. That will be a simple fix, increase the moisture … Continue reading Dandruff Test

Dandruff or Simply a Dry Scalp

Do you have Dandruff or Simply a Dry Scalp? Dandruff, everyone gets dandruff at some point; Dandruff can be described as a condition where there is the occurrence of flaking of the scalp. Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin from the scalp and is not to be confused with simply a dry scalp. Dandruff comes … Continue reading Dandruff or Simply a Dry Scalp

How Can You Remove Dandruff?

So, how can you remove dandruff? – Let’s start by finding out what it is first. First off make sure you are dealing with dandruff and not a dry scalp. It is to often I have seen people treat dry scalp as though they had dandruff only to cause more dandruff, which in turn may create … Continue reading How Can You Remove Dandruff?

Hair Basics Workshop

If there was an online workshop about hair and scalp health basics that included topics such as daily hair car, salon terminology, formal hair loss and dandruff education and more would take it?  Myself along with a few people are looking for what people want to see and learn when it comes to the daily … Continue reading Hair Basics Workshop

Hair Extensions

Are you shopping around for extensions? Here's a great interview about the ins and outs of extensions.

Kerri Talks Hair Extensions


Moisture Balance One of the hardest things to conquer with hair is proper moisture.  Just when you get your hair all moisturized to combat the dry season, it gets wet and humid, and then the sun comes out and wreaks havoc on your hair.   As the weather starts to warm up and the humidity … Continue reading SPRING CLEANUP AND HOLIDAY PLANNING

Be Aware – Get Educated!

Tabitha Speaks Out -click to watch video Please share! We are very passionate about our field, and those of you who know us we have been fighting about this in Canada as well with their LACK of responsibility in this industry.  To read more about Qulaifications in Canada and how they work please visit the following … Continue reading Be Aware – Get Educated!