Can I re-use my hair extensions?

Yes depending on your application, application professional, if they had been taken care of, and they are removed properly.


Questions to ask for when shopping around for a Hair Extensions Application Specialist:

What is your experience? Where did you train? What is your area of specialization? What kind of hair do you use? What kind of application do you specialize in and why?

How to Know the Qualification Levels of your Stylist

You can cut friends and family's hair in the privacy of your own home without a license. However, you can't legally charge them money for it.  A hair stylist specializes in the art of styling hair, hair extensions, including cutting, chemical services such as relaxers, texturizers, perms, and color, as well as restorative treatments.  To … Continue reading How to Know the Qualification Levels of your Stylist

Can I color my hair extensions?

You should not have to color your hair extensions if your match was done correctly.  If you cannot find a true match then no, it is not recommend coloring your hair extensions. However if you have to get your roots retouched please visit a Hair Extensions specialist that is comfortable with coloring and Hair Extensions.  … Continue reading Can I color my hair extensions?

Things to know about extensions:

Do not sweat it is normal to lose a couple extensions during the lifetime of the extensions, just save the bond and the bond can be reapplied during next maintenance service. Do not be alarmed - The average person loses anywhere between 50-100 natural hairs per day, keep in mind when your extensions are removed … Continue reading Things to know about extensions:

The most common questions asked and answered about hair extensions:

Why do most people get hair extensions? To change their current look To get the look they have always wanted but couldn’t due to difficulty in managing natural texture or appearance Thinning hair Short hair, causing lack of sex appeal or confidence Bad hair cut, wanting to temporarily fix hair length as natural hair grows … Continue reading The most common questions asked and answered about hair extensions: