Back To School Hair Tips

Summer is almost over and school is on the horizon.  Catching some rays from the sun, wind in your hair, and days in the water may have left a mark on your precious locks.  To get hair back into shiny, healthy mode for classes, there are several steps you can take. Get a trim to … Continue reading Back To School Hair Tips

Tips when Flat Ironing

“Many people think that they can use a flat iron at the highest setting every day and have their hair look wonderful every day.” - WRONG!  A flat iron is a heated hair appliance, and like any heated hair appliance it should be used with care and thought.  Don't believe everything that the manufacturers tell … Continue reading Tips when Flat Ironing

How do Negative Ions have anything to do with your hair?

Everyone’s hair carries a positive electrical charge that is caused by dryness.  Over time, this positive charge increases, and as your hair becomes drier, more hair cuticles open, creating ‘ragged’ unhealthy looking and feeling hair that is difficult to style.  Flat irons and hair dryers will create negative ions.  When the flat iron or hair … Continue reading How do Negative Ions have anything to do with your hair?


In regard to extensions damaging your hair, letting someone style your hair that is inexperienced is not suggested. When a weave is done properly by a trained stylist and when you follow through with proper maintenance  it can help your natural hair to grow. Stay away from glue-in weaves. Personally I feel they are more … Continue reading Weaves

Can I color my hair extensions?

You should not have to color your hair extensions if your match was done correctly.  If you cannot find a true match then no, it is not recommend coloring your hair extensions. However if you have to get your roots retouched please visit a Hair Extensions specialist that is comfortable with coloring and Hair Extensions.  … Continue reading Can I color my hair extensions?

Things to know about extensions:

Do not sweat it is normal to lose a couple extensions during the lifetime of the extensions, just save the bond and the bond can be reapplied during next maintenance service. Do not be alarmed - The average person loses anywhere between 50-100 natural hairs per day, keep in mind when your extensions are removed … Continue reading Things to know about extensions:

Tips for Long Hair

Maintain long hair by following a few basic rules: Keep hair clean and conditioned. Use a high quality conditioner designed for specific hair types. Leave-in conditioner is also a good choice. Trim long hair every 6 weeks or so to minimize split ends. Go to a professional hairstylist to get an even trim. Get a … Continue reading Tips for Long Hair

How to Shop for a New Hair Salon for the Stylist and Client

Finding a new salon